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Pokemon Advance Adventures - GBA

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Game Card for GBA systems

Pokémon Advanced Adventure is a special ROM Hack that is based on Pokémon Leaf Green. You are the son of the poorest family in your town so you don’t have any friends. Other kids in the town try to be good Pokémon Trainers and they receive Pokémon from their parents to fulfill their dreams step by step. You also have a dream to be a true Pokémon Trainer, a dream of your life but you don’t have any Pokémon. One day, the famous Professor who lives near your house wants to meet you. He knows your dream and thinks you are a talent boy so he gives 3 Pokémon for you to choose one. Also, he needs you to help him follow his grandson after his grandson leaved the town to make an adventure around your region. Along your way, you will be the rival of his grandson and must beat 8 GYM Leaders. More information is be revealed as you play!