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Pokemon Dark Cry The Legend of Giratina - GBA

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Game Card for GBA systems

Story: You wake up and you realise that you are lying in a cave, and everything is black and white. You see two people, standing by a dark altar, talking about a "Shadow Plate". You reach for your Pokemon but they aren't there. Then, you see a man with an "R" on his shirt. You try to stop him, but he walks right past you. The man performs a strange ritual, and then, there is a huge earthquake and a giant shadow is coming toward you! You wake up and realize it but a dream. You get out of bed, look at the clock, and realize you're going to arrive late to choose your first Pokemon. Later you realize that your dream is coming true... Features • New region - Trion • Pokepaper, your daily news source • A lot of side quests and mini-games • Automatic trainer level cap increase • Daily Missions are available • Be good or evil • Brand new trainer sprites • Few more hidden maps • New graphical additions