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Pokemon Hyper Emerald Lost Artifacts Version - GBA

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Game Card for GBA systems


  • Combat Enhancements:
    • Strengthened AI across generations.
  • Plot Improvements:
    • Enhanced original storyline.
  • Pokémon Features:
    • Includes all 898 Pokémon up to Sword and Shield.
    • Incorporates some original Pokémon.
  • Generation 8 Features:
    • Completed features such as mirror armor and chemical gases.
  • Moves and Skills:
    • Completed moves from all 8 generations.
    • Finished skill animations.
  • Props:
    • Completed props for all 8 generations.
    • Introduced characteristic capsules and plasters for modification.
  • Skill Machines and Teaching:
    • Synchronized to 8th generation.
  • Mega Evolution, Z Moves & Gigantamax:
    • Complete system integration.
  • Experience Mechanics:
    • Pokémon receive experience in battle and training.
  • Regions and Gyms:
    • Includes Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Ultimate Cave.
    • 16 gyms and three major alliances to challenge.
  • Transportation and Real-time Calculations:
    • Sinnoh region offers town-to-town transport.
    • Real-time battle calculations.
  • Training Levels:
    • Introduction of player trainer training levels.
  • User Interface Enhancements:
    • Displays character bonuses.
  • Battle Backgrounds:
    • Specific backgrounds for major venues and final battles.
  • Effort Value Viewer and Egg Hatching:
    • Moved to earlier gameplay stages.
    • Improved egg hatching process.
  • Convenience Props:
    • Added riding devices and news searchers.
  • Gameplay Optimizations:
    • Improved secret learner mechanics.
    • Price optimizations for items.
  • Battle Regulations:
    • Restrictions for formula battles.
  • Trainer Progress and Customization:
    • Brand New Trainer Card.
  • Special Pokémon Characteristics:
    • Independent acquisition methods.
  • Dynamic Weather:
    • Continues outside of combat.
  • Museum and Alliance Operations:
    • Strengthened lineup and flexibility.
  • Side Tasks and Lotteries:
    • Abundant side tasks and lottery mechanisms.
  • Game Progression:
    • Acquisition of bicycles and partner Pokémon.
  • Communication Features:
    • Return of evolution of communication.
  • Surfing and Diving Updates:
    • New Pokémon mount images.
  • Opponents and Battles:
    • More rivals and stronger opponents.
  • Team Battles and Special Modes:
    • Added team battles and special mode battles.
  • Official Rule Matches:
    • Inclusion of singles and doubles matches.
  • Challenge Mode:
    • Ability to challenge powerful opponents post-plot.
  • Interactions and Secrets:
    • Interaction with the Hyper Emerald team.
    • Hidden information in Dawu’s private park house