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Pokemon Infernal Legend - GBA

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Game Card for GBA systems

Several years after Gold defeated Red to become the Kanto and Johto Champions, there are a lot of changes. Blue or Prof Gary Oak is the Pokemon Research in Ioho region. Ioho locates at the east of an unknown region and at the north of Sinnoh. Beside, after many years to hide Pokemon polices, Team Magma decides to move from Hoenn to Ioho and builds their own HQ.

You are a talent kid and today you start your adventure around Ioho. You help your Grandma to receive a package at Prof Gary Oak’s Lab and you also receive your first Pokemon from the Professor. On your way, you will meet new rivals, good friends and bad guys. You must train your Pokemon to be stronger to defeat Team Magma and Elite Four. That’s how your game begins.