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Pokemon Obsidian Emerald Version - GBA

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Game Card for GBA systems


  • All non-legendary, non-mythical Pokemon through Gen 8 available
  • Choose any starter from the first 8 generations
  • Updated Gen 9 battle engine with modern abilities, moves, typing, and mega evolution
  • GMax forms from Gen 8 are reincorporated as Megas
  • Gen 8 TMs and TRs are implemented and available, and can be used more than once
  • All Gym Leaders have a unique field effect, heightening the difficulty and giving the feeling that you are challenging the leaders on their home turf
  • To challenge a Gym, Pokemon League rules stipulate that the player must have no more Pokemon in their party than the Gym Leader does. No more unfair 6 vs 4 Gym battles!
  • The monotony of traveling from town to town has been replaced with grueling gauntlets, forcing you to battle many trainers consecutively to reach your destination
  • All the Kanto gym leaders appear in the overworld after Groudon is awoken, offering valuable prizes to those who manage to defeat them
  • hard level cap prevents overleveling and keeps the fights fair
  • Retooling and customizing your team is streamlined with exp candies, vitamins, nature mints, ability capsules and ability patches all available early on
  • Revamped feathers perfect a Pokemon’s IV in a given stat
  • EV berries remove 100 EVs
  • IVs and EVs are visible in the summary screen by pressing L and R, respectively (pressing start returns to the default view of the raw stats)
  • An optional Minimal Grinding Mode is fully implemented, causing the game to compute Pokemon stats as if they had 0 EVs and perfect IVs
  • Moves can be relearned from the party menu! Moves learned at level 1 still need to be relearned with the Fallarbor Move Tutor.
  • Field moves like HMs can be used by any Pokemon that can learn them, regardless of whether they actually know the move
  • The PokeVial from romhacks past is implemented, allowing healing without returning to the Pokemon Center
  • The PC can be accessed from the PokeNav, as long as you’re not in a gauntlet!
  • The PokeRadar allows chaining of Pokemon, increasing odds for perfect IVs, hidden abilities, and shinies, as well as applying a ramping exp multiplier for large streaks
  • The Exp Share has been modernized and implemented as a toggleable key item
  • Many Pokemon have received balance updates, including new types, abilities, base stats, and learnsets, with more updates to come in future patches
  • Repels have been replaced with a toggleable key item, the PermaRepel